Mid-Atlantic Burn Camp


IAFF Local 1563 is honored to support the Mid Atlantic Burn Camp through our Burn Foundation. 

The Mid Atlantic Burn Camp supports an ever-expanding outreach to burn units throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, offering their programs to the greatest possible number of young burn survivors and their families.  There is no charge to any camper for participation in their program. The Mid-Atlantic Burn Camp, Inc., is a non-profit, charitable, tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) corporation that receives funding through donations from organizations like the IAFF Local 1563’s Burn Foundation. 

IAFF Local 1563’s Burn Foundation supports the Mid Atlantic Burn Camp by paying for approximately 30 campers to participate.  As the camps cost about $1,000 per camper, this translates to a $30,000 commitment to this charity by our members.  Additionally, we purchase swim towels, water bottles, and book bags for the first-year counselors. 

Our commitment does not end there; sizable capital donations have been made towards the installation of a commercial kitchen at the camp as well as the purchase of an off-road vehicle to help move people and equipment around the camp. 

 For more information on the Mid Atlantic Burn Camp, please visit midatlanticburncamp.org.